Sunday, May 16, 2010


Video Bobby Fischer Endgame:

Activate the King"An endgame is different from a middlegame in many respects. One of the most important is the new role of the King. In the middlegame he usually hides after castling behind his pawn shield, but when the firepower on the board diminishes he himself becomes a strong fighting unit"
From a endgame article by Karsten Müller (pdf document)
Winning Zones
"The queen is so strong that it usually beats a whole horde of pawns, if they are
not too far advanced. But even a single pawn can draw if it has reached the
seventh rank. You certainly know that the queen normally wins against a
knight or central pawn (if not you can look it up in almost any endgame
reference work). With a rook or bishop's pawn, matters are completely
different as the defender has stalemate defences at his disposal. The attacker
only wins if the king is close enough to support the queen".
From another endgame article by Karsten Müller (pdf document)

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