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Vasily Smyslov - Mikhail Botvinnik, World Championship Rematch 1958, Moscow

Black to move


Savielly Tartakower - Rudolf Spielmann, Vienna 1913

White to move  

Lasker's Pin

Endgame video by Peter Lalić.
Link to Peter's Endgame Course at YouTube.     


Articles about the Lasker's Pin:
Rama Chess Blog (LAST MONTH POSITION 395)

Sergei Tiviakov - Nidjat Mamedov, Al Ain 2012

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Ivan Ivanišević - Marat Dzhumaev, Al Ain 2012

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Chess for Novices - DVDs by Sabrina Chevannes

Chess for Novices Vol. 1
 (Video running time: 4 hours 15 min.)

A DVD for anyone who knows the rules of chess but would like to be able to improve their game with some specific tactics and strategies.

The main part of the DVD is split into four chapters: Opening – The general principles of the opening are discussed here. No specific opening repertoire is suggested but a guide of how to tackle any opening and come through the first stage of the game in a better position. Middlegame – Some basic tactical devices are introduced such as the pin, fork, skewer and discovered attack. Ending – The basic checkmating technique of the most common endings that occur in novice games are instructed here.

The DVD finishes with a test chapter which consists of 20 exercises based on the information discussed throughout the DVD. Each exercise allows time for you to pause and calculate the answer before the answer is discussed. 

Video sample Chess for Novices Vol. 1:


Chess for Novices Vol. 2 (Video running time: 4 hours.) 

A DVD that explains the chess game to you from A to Z, from Alekhine's Defence to zugzwang. The DVD follows on from the material learnt in Volume 1 of the Chess for Novices series. The format of the DVD is the same and has 4 chapters split into Opening, Middlegame, Endgame and the test section.

Each chapter covers the following material: Opening – Basic opening traps: the most common traps that novices fall for in the opening stages of the game. Some traps are recommended but others are shown to learn how to defend against them. Middlegame – Very thematic checkmating ideas and patterns. These patterns help develop you attacking ideas and launch attacks against a castled king. Endgame – The key basic endgames are explained here covering all the essential King and pawn and Rook and pawn endings.
Test – A test chapter with puzzles based on all the content learnt in the DVD. The answers are explained with analysis.

Volume 2 helps you develop into a player who is ready to start entering chess tournaments by introducing all the technical ideas which are essential for your improvement.

Video sample Chess for Novices Vol. 2: 


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Adventures in the Semi-Slav


More games at to study after
17...Bxg2, 11.g3 and 11.exf6.
An article at Wikipedia about the Semi-Slav.

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Quote of the Day

"You're supposed to put the puck in the goal,
not players in the hospital."



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How to Beat Your Dad at Chess




A film at Vimeo about an unbeaten chess player. 

Vishy Anand - What do chess champions eat?



Chess Engages Students

Students from Maplewood and Chouteau elementary schools in the North Kansas City School District.

LINC Chess 

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Hikaru Nakamura - Magnus Carlsen, London Chess Classic 2012, Round 7


The game at 

New York Chess & Games







Website New York Chess & Games 
Instructional Chess Videos

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Vladimir Kramnik - Luke McShane, London Chess Classic 2012, Round 5




The game at 

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White to move: A draw to find

"White makes one more move and it's a draw! Keres, the two Byrnes, Lothar Schmid, Bisguier and I sat staring at this position for more than half an hour.
We couldn't find it. Can you?"
Jan Hein Donner, page 156 in his book The King.



Luke McShane - Levon Aronian, London Chess Classic 2012, Round 4



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Loreen - Euphoria



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Magnus Carlsen - Gawain Jones, London Chess Classic 2012, Round 4



The game at  

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Levon Aronian - Hikaru Nakamura, London Chess Classic 2012, Round 1


The game at 

Stevie Wonder, Luciano Pavarotti - Peace Wanted Just to Be Free



Wisdom of C.J.S. Purdy

A player can get along quite well without knowing the Giuoco Piano;
but if he doesn't know Lucena's position, he won't go far.

C.J.S. Purdy's, Fine Art of Chess Annotation and Other Thoughts, Vol. 2 (Page 45)

C.J.S. Purdy   
Lucena position
Giuoco Piano 

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Test: Pawn endgame

Black to move

Instrumental background music



Anna Ushenina, the new Women’s World Chess Champion


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