Friday, May 28, 2010

Chess Openings for Beginners

Play the openings you want. If you want to play Sicilian as black, then do it. Play what you feel to play. Of course many openings are difficult to play for beginners. I hope you can live with that, because the most important with playing chess is to have fun.
Not all feels they have fun when playing for example as black Ruy Lopez (Spanish) or Queen's Gambit. They might instead like to play Sicilian and King's Indian Defence or something else, like for example Gambits. 

I'm writing this because I have lately read chess books and articles on internet with opening advices for beginners, what they should prefer to play and not.


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I played my first chess game in December 1977 and was lucky to hold draw. I continued to play chess and joined a chess club in September 1978. I'm still enjoying playing chess. I like to do many other things than playing chess. Long walks, some jogging, cycling, reading books, listen to music, watch movies, writing and much more. Life is fun!