Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Endgame Links

General advice on the endgame
Checkmate with a Queen and King
Basic Endgames
Queen against Pawn
Watch out!



The Réti endgame study (and other endgames with the same idea)
YouTube video: The Réti endgame study

Another pawn endgame
Prokeš maneuver  
Lasker's Pin  
The Philidor position

The Lucena position


Rook Endings in Theory
Rook, Pawn vs Rook
The Tarrasch rule
Queen vs Pawn
Wrong bishop in the endgame
Opposite-colored bishops endgame
Endgame study by Leonid Kubbel
The importance of studying the endgame

The Saavedra position


Pawnless endgames 
Rook, Bishop vs Rook
Some games: Rook, Bishop vs Rook
The two knights endgame
Endgame study by Henri Rinck

The Lazy Person's Guide to Endgames 
Popov - Grandelius, 2010
Two endgames  
Endgames with pawn walls
Capablanca-Janowsky, 1913
Bacrot - Anand, 2010
Kevitz – Capablanca, 1931
Botvinnik – Fischer, 1962
Pachman - Biyiasas, 1976
Quo vadis 
Wolff – Fishbein, 1988
Barcza - Haag, 1969 
Lesson with GM Nick Pert 
Kiselev - Pantsulaia, 2011
Barcza - Rossolimo, 1969   
Euwe - Yanofsky, 1946   
Anand - Topalov, 2011
Kramnik - Carlsen, 2011
Knight time
Domination Game, Slovakian surprises 
Two endgames of Anatoly Karpov
Kosikov - Besman, 1986
Tal missed a mate
Routes for the king
Endgame tactics
Endgame tactics 2
Carlsen - Gashimov, 2011 

Do not rush, The mighty passed pawns, The eternal hunt 


Training endgames with help of endgame studies 
Endgame Studies, Collection 1         
Karsten Müller (Endgame Corner, ChessCafe)     
Nalimov Tablebases  

Test: Pawn endgame
Test: Rook endgame 

Berge Østenstad - Frode Elsness,

Norway 2009.

White didn't find the best move in the position
The game continued with 30.Rf7+? Kh6 and
ended later with a draw.

Black would have been in big trouble if white had
found the best continuation. 



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