Sunday, May 1, 2011

Learn – Study – Play Chess

Research and Benefits of Chess 

The Game Chess (Wikipedia) 

Value of Chess Pieces (Wikipedia) 
Glossary of Chess (Wikipedia)
Ten steps to learn Chess Tactics and Combinations (pdf) 
Strengthen your position 
Key question 
Ten Tips To Winning Chess 
Winning Tips 
Articles by Nigel Davies 
Index of Chess Articles (Wikipedia)
Chess Records 
From Opening to Endgame

Chess Quotes
A Collection of Chess Advices, Useful Chess Quotes (Part 1)
A Collection of Chess Advices, Useful Chess Quotes (Part 2) 
A Collection of Chess Advices, Useful Chess Quotes (Part 3) 

How Good is Your Chess? 
Chess Test 1
Chess Test 2
Chess Test 3
Chess Test 4
Chess Test 5
Chess Test 6   
Chess Test 7   
Chess Test 8   
Chess Test 9 

Chess Test 10 

Collection Chess Puzzles
Collection Annotated Chess Games 
Play Chess Online 

Play online against chess engine Rybka
Play online against chess engine Shredder 

Free Internet Chess Server (FICS)
Internet Chess Club (ICC) 
Queen Alice 

World Chess Federation (FIDE)
Chess Around The World 
Correspondence Chess
ICCF Website
The Check Is in the Mail (Alex Dunne)

Lessons for Correspondence Chess Players
(By Grigory Sanakoev, 12th World Correspondence Chess Champion) 
New facets of famous chess positions, games and books   

Chess Books (Paper)

Some good chess books    

Chess eBooks

Chess Publishing 
Everyman Chess
Search Chess eBooks

Chess Gifts - Chess Shops
Chess Videos   

Maurice Ashley
Action: Chess   
Euro Chess Tournament
Chess Tournament
Chess in Schools  
How to Win at Chess  
Caribbean Chess Carnival 
Gibraltar Chess Festival 
Canadian Open 
Norwegian Chess Championship 
Chess Me Out - talk on board
Mark Dvoretsky 
Gregory Kaidanov
Magnus Carlsen 
Kasparov, My Story  
Garry Kasparov 
Akiba Rubinstein and Polish Chess
Steinitz: Chess Champion
Paul Morphy: Mozart of Chess   
Queen's Gambit Accepted
Colle Attacks
The Réti Opening
Queen to Play
A Game for Two
First Day of Chess
The Chess Duel
Geri's Game
Very surprising chess moves :)  
Fun with Grandmaster Simon Williams   
Funny? You decide... 
Chess Fever, Part 1
Chess Fever, Part 2   
Chess music videos: Tal vs Botvinnik     

About me

I played my first chess game in December 1977 and was lucky to hold draw. I continued to play chess and joined a chess club in September 1978. I'm still enjoying playing chess. I like to do many other things than playing chess. Long walks, some jogging, cycling, reading books, listen to music, watch movies, writing and much more. Life is fun!